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Trouwen Kreta

Get married Crete

Bespoke Wedding Planners

"Love makes you reach the top..."


Wedding costs, Wedding photographer North Holland, Family photographer, Portfolio Photographer, Bridal photography, Love session, Baptism photography, photo shoot, Bridal reportage from €400.- The photographer for your wedding, Wedding photographer Heerhugowaard, School photographer.

Momenteel nemen wij geen nieuwe aanvragen in behandeling.

We at Trouwen Kreta are a full-service organization on location. This means that we can offer you everything you need on a small-scale basis to make your beautiful Ceremony or other special event an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Whether you are looking for special flower arrangements, a wedding cake, a restaurant, we have everything for you. You may also have some special requests. We have an extensive network in and around Hersonissos that we can use to make your wishes come true.

Trouwen Kreta

Ofar us;

With my experience in Crete since 1992, and as a Wedding Planner since 2016, I have a reliable network with some of the reputable suppliers in Crete. We would like to keep your ceremony affordable and therefore only offer a Ceremonial Marriage or Love Ceremony. hassle of paperwork, we have chosen not to offer this anymore. 99% of our couples legally marry in the Netherlands and hold the ceremony in Crete to keep everything affordable. (Most municipalities even offer a day where you can get married for free) Contact me for an appointment to find out what I can do for you.


Did you know that we have had experience in Crete since 1992? We have our own office in Hersonissos, yourTourist Office for all your needs for an unforgettable holiday. 

We are also a partner of major tour operators.

For more tips and information:

Al 32 jaar werken wij samen met autoverhuur Romanos Chersonissos,

Hier kunt u uw auto reserveren en betalen op Kreta.

Voor boekingen kunt u rechtstreeks hier terecht, maar natuurlijk kunt u ook vrijblijvend aan ons meer infotmatie vragen.

Kreta Griekenland
Sailing Ceremony

New! Get into a Wedding Boat!

Get married on one of our yachts. You can make it a half-day trip including food and drinks, an afternoon trip or a whole day. Small scale up to 10 people.

Create an unforgettable Wedding Day and end your ceremony with a dip in the Aegane sea os Crete.

Prices from €495


Wedding Crete ona sailingboat
Beach Ceremony

Do you dream of a beautiful seaside location where you can get married barefoot in the sand, surrounded by the shimmering Cretan Sea with the waves gently lapping on the shore?

Do you long for a wedding reception on the sand, by the deep blue?

We at Trouwen Kreta, offer a chic and relaxing location where you will immediately feel at ease and feel the romance.

Huwelijk op het Strand

Celebrate your special moment in this prime seaside location with vibrant nature enhanced by excellent facilities and stunning sunsets over the Cretan Sea. Byintimate beach wedding, or the picturesque Chapel with the whitewashed walls, to dazzling cocktail party, we make sure that your party here will be one to remember. to make all your dreams come true!

For a little more luxury and yet affordable.

Wedding Packages: Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum

Trouwen Kreta

This unique location  is located on the Beach on the outskirts of Hersonissos and offers stunning views from the sparkling blue of the Cretan Pelagos,  to the dark majestic mountains.

The beautiful Weddingspot,  is THE home of our most striking sunset, and a highly acclaimed venue, it offers a gentle sophistication for your special day.

With the beautiful garden of Crete and beautifully overgrown Bouganville, the typical style of Crete with the background of the aqua blue sea - it is the perfect place to make a commitment!


The small church of Saint Hyacinth, the protector of loved ones, located on it is a perfect place for the ceremony of your dreams.

We can also arrange a Civil Wedding for you to get married e.g. here on the beach or in the beautiful  blooming gardens.

Together with our experienced and highly trained staff, who are always aware of the latest trends, you design the ultimate reception tailored to your taste.

Also possible ceremonial blessing of a Greek Orthodox Priest.

Choice:Queen and King

Mail us your wishes.

Sea Waves

Small-scale Package, for small Weddings.

Affordable and does not fall short of the above Marriages.

This Wedding takes place right on the water or on the small plateau under the tree of Hersonissos with a view over the blue Mediterranean sea. Also possible to book with an apartment for up to 8 people divided over 2 apartments. A very nice price-friendly offer for those who only want a Ceremony. Advantage, this Wedding can be booked almost all year round!

Sea Waves-Trouwen Kreta.jpg

Photographer Crete & The Netherlands

Eleftheria & Vasilis are experienced photographers who are passionate about capturing unique moments with a distinctive style. They started discovering the camera at a young age and quickly became obsessed with the basic principles that make a great photo: light, balance, composition and use of space.

Our professional photographers capture poignant and profound moments with a creative twist. He/They provide exceptional personal service to every customer. Eleftheria can also be reserved for the Netherlands, so contact us today and schedule a session.


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